Monday, 20 August 2018

Rewriting a song

I get my kicks from watching people
Running too and fro
And if you ask them where they're going
Half of the don't know
They're the ones who think I'm crazy
But they don't realize
That I'm just groovin', groovin'
Grooving out on life
I'm just groovin' ooh grovin'

Grovin' till I die
Go out for kicks to boost my stamina

Running too and fro

And if you ask me why I exercise

Most of them don’t know

You’re the ones who think i’m crazy

But you don’t realize

That i'm just healthy, oh healthy

Healthy all the time
Our task was to rewrite a song with words that
 are about how exercise benefits our human
 brains and how they can affect the way we learn.

Benefits of exercise