Monday, 18 September 2017

Monday, 28 August 2017

Geometry Task Day 1

Today in the middle block we had a task. The task was to make a rocket with cubes and to take pictures of it on every angle, Front View, Side View, Top View and the Perspective View. We had to buddy up
with someone so I picked one of my great, smart, nice friends, Noah. We struggled at the start but got easier as we went on.

This was a very fun task and highly recommend to do it yourself. All you need is connectable cubes a book to write in and a buddy/friend. I loved doing this and here are photos of me and Noah working on this task. Give me a comment below on if you think that this would be fun or not. Thank You for reading my blog post. I will try to show you my finished rocket ship later on tomorrow.

Anual Speech Competition P.E.S

Have you ever said a speech in front of over 150 students? I haven’t but some of the students in Team 5 did last Friday. For some of them it was like an impossible mission that your mum has assigned you to like doing the whole washing in 1 hour, but for others it was like a  walk in the park. I am going to tell you what speech I found appealing and the speech I found entertaining.
3 students from each class from Class. The students names were put in a box and the teachers had to pull one out and whoevers name was pulled out goes first or next. Next please?

The speech that I found appealing the most was Danielle's. It is appealing to me because I can relate to it. It relates to me because it happened to me in tonga with my grandad but he’s with the lord and saviour now. Danielle’s speech was about why she thinks that drugs and that kind of medication is bad for you. Her speech was very deep so get yourself some tissues and prepare to cry. Her speech was about her Grandma and how she passed away by taking medication she also spoke about why you should tell your family members to not take too much medication because there is a big risk on your life. I also liked how she picked this topic and knew it was going to be hard to talk about.

The most entertaining speech to me was Mubashshir’s he was very very funny and I enjoyed every second of his speech. The speech was about what would he would do if he were President for a day. The first thing he would do was help the homeless that is a big reason why I liked his speech. He also wanted to try and stop pollution. I liked how he used actions and spoke clearly. He also wanted to provide more money to schools and to businesses that are struggling with money.

Well, it’s that time there’s always an end to a writing. It’s time for this writing to end, but before I go tell me in the comment section does Danielle’s speech relate to you? Or what would you do if you were president a day. Thank you for reading my writing. Bye