Friday, 12 January 2018

Yesterday's Training for the Biggest Loser

As you know from my last blog post that the Pakalani and Tui family will be attempting the Biggest Loser Challenge, the Pakalani family train every day together and challenges themselves to do their very best in all of the exercises they do. If we don't train until 7.00pm we train in the Garage, where my dad and I run the boxing station and rotate the second station is running up and down the street until it's time to rotate. If before 7.00pm we watch and follow a cardio session on youtube.

Yesterday at 6.00pm the Pakalani family watched and followed the 30 minute cardio session video. As we started the warmup I told myself that I have to go hard the whole session and I have to push myself to the limit. After the warmup, we did 1 burpee and instead of jumping up we did high knees for 5 seconds we did this exercise for 1 minute. 

It's 15 minutes in, I 'm really starting to feel a stitch about to pop up but I still push to the best of my ability. As the 15th minute finishes up we finally get a break, and I'm exhausted I hardly can breathe and I'm still telling myself to push. As the break finishes the fitness instructor tells us to sprint on the spot. When we sprint on the spot I feel like stopping but my mind told me to run faster, so I do. I run the hardest i've ever run in a long time. With the sweat dripping on to the carpet I start to run faster, and faster and the times up. 

When the workout session finishes we stretch for 5-10 minutes. As the stretch session finishes, we all lie down and congratulate each other for the great cardio session that we had. In the last blog post, I told you that I weighed in at 62.5. Right now I weigh 59.2. I am extremely proud of me and my family for the weight loss over a couple of weeks. Thank you for reading my blog post and hope that you enjoyed it.  Leave a positive comment on how you think me and my family are doing and maybe some tips for weight loss quicker.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Pakalani & Tui's Biggest Loser Challenge

On the 1st of January, the Pakalani and Tui family met at my nana's house. To celebrate a New Year, to celebrate the Birthday of my twin cousins and to set a new goal. The both of the Pakalani and Tui family will be participating in the Biggest Loser Challenge, The adults will face each other and so will the kids under 15 years of age. As most of you know I am under 15 and will be participating in the Kids Pool. If you didn't know what the Biggest Loser Challenge is, it's a challenge to see who loses the most weight in a certain amount of time. The Winner of the Adults Pool will win $100 and the winner of the Kids Pool win $50.

As I woke up, I heard my mum call me from her room to my room, "Son get ready and come down!" Straight away I knew what I was getting ready for. The Biggest Feed and The Biggest Loser. When we arrived at my nana's house we all said "Happy New Year" to each other. As I walked through the garage door I see my twin cousins, so I ran over to them and whispered "Happy Birthday and Happy New Year." After I whispered to my cousins I sniffed and smelt the last BBQ I'll have in a long time, because of the diet me and my families will be on.

After we mucked around for a little, the food was finally ready. I was glad and gutted because I was starving and because that's the last unhealthy food I'll have in a long time. I ate as much as I could. After the feed, we relaxed and reflected on the up's and downs of 2017. As we were talking they called us one by one to weigh ourself's.

I weighed last and was weighed in at 62.5, my aim is to get under 55.1 by the end of April to get myself healthy I have to start eating healthier and to start to be more active, fitness wise and home wise. I need to make the weight of The Varsity Rugby u13 Team. My family and I will be training hard and will be supporting one another as the Biggest Loser Challenge goes on. Thank You for reading my blog post. Leave a positive comment down below. Maybe advice to lose weight faster.

Friday, 22 December 2017

The 200m Heat Race

At The Pakuranga Athletic Club Lloyd Elsmore, a Tamaki cluster athletic day was on the way. I had participated in the 200m race and The Long Jump representing Pt England School as a year 7 contestant. My mum, dad and grandparents came to support me and the school.

GO SON! Said my mum, as the man clapped the clappers for the 200m heat race. I pushed off my foot as hard as I could and started sprinting as I was coming around the corner of the track I saw a friend of mine to the right of my lane, his name is Tevita and is currently a year 7 student at Sylvia Park. As I ran next to him I started passing him and that built up my confidence and I got faster and faster. It was just me and another student that attends Stonfields. In my mind, I kept on telling myself that I could do it. So I started to pump my arms and legs and ended up winning the heat. "I'm in the finals!" Is what I screamed I really wanted to jump and celebrate but I had no energy.

In the long jump, I came second behind Tevita N. The length of my jump was 4.76m and Tevita jumped 5.12m. In the finals for the 200m race, I came second behind Tevita N. Thank you for reading my blog post about my 200m heat race and I hope that you enjoyed it down below is a video clip of my 200m heat race. Please leave a positive comment down below of what you thought about my writing and how you think I did in the 200m race.

2 from Pakalani Ajani on Vimeo.

Monday, 11 December 2017

Andrew Patterson and Raenan's Speech to the yr7&8

Ever heard of the name Andrew Patterson? If you have then guess what? Today he came to Pt England School to talk to the year 7&8 students and trying to inspire us about changing our ways and trying to get the year 8's comfortable for College next year. Andrew Patterson Interviewed his guest, Raenan.
Raenan is a ex student of Pt England School and is now attending Tamaki College.

Raenan has just been informed that he will be Deputy Boy next year for Tamaki College, He talked about his time at Tamaki and his last year at Pt England School. He said that his number one college that he did not want to go to was Tamaki College. But his mum said he had to. At first it was nervracking for him but as the years went passed he loved it there. Raenan's Quote was "If change doesn't come then make a change." He definitely inspired me and I look up to both Raenan and Andrew Patterson