Friday, 6 May 2016

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Captain America!!! On the 2nd of May Team 4 came in with a KAPOW!  School is back with Marvel and DC stars.

For Term 2 the topic is called “As I See It.” As I See it is based on art and designs. Team 4 is learning to make comic books and comic art.

In Term 2’s Immersion Assembly, Team 4’s item was about created superhero’s with familiar names and a supervillain. Team 4 showed there item which was a movie.

On the movie there was a villain called Bear Baxendine. Bear Baxendine was planning on stealing a chromebook. When he got inside the classroom, he spotted the chromebook cupboard and started picking the lock   with his sword and said “Ah yes Bobby-Jon’s chromebook shall do nicely.” But wait 2 Amatuer Hero’s spotted Bear Baxendine. Then, one of them said “Oh my gosh he has Bobby-Jon’s chromebook!!” So, they went on to fight Bear Baxendine to try and get the chromebook back.

The Amatuer heros were defeated and captured. Bear Baxendine tied them both to a pole. Furthermore one amatuer hero cries “You wont get away with this.” Then Bear Baxendine says “Then who will stop me?” The Teacher Vengers. Meanwhile three heros of the Teacher Vengers show up to get back Bobby-Jon’s chromebook. If you didn't know who the members of the Teacher Vengers are i’ll tell you the names Wondering Woman, Bat Guy and Team Leader America. As they run to defeat Bear Baxendine. Bat Guy runs over to the 2 Amatuer Hero’s and says “I’ll get them you get Bax.” Then Wondering Woman and Team Leader America says together “On it.”
When they were running to defeat Bear Baxendine Team Leader America hit Bear with his shield POW he hit him so hard he was knocked out.

Furthermore Bear Baxendine went to jail. After that one Amatuer Hero said “Wow Bat Guy your muscles.” Later Wondering Woman comes and says “Eh Em.” then they all laugh and they go home and sleep.

Thursday, 5 May 2016

Alphabet Multiplication

                               W.A.L.T: Learning to multiply in 3 digits.
          We are learning to times in 3 digits and using different                                         strategy's to get the answer

Problem Solving Wk 1 Term 2