Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

No need to fear Term 3 is here! New term, new Ajani. As soon as I walk into Pt England School Term 3 greets me. When I walk into my class all of the teachers are replaced with stars from space. But Mrs Telea stood out for me the most because of her beautiful headband and earrings.

The new focus was on Planet Earth and beyond. Which means that we are focusing on the solar system. When the bell rang to go to class I was a bit nervous to go to class, but at the same time I was excited to see my teachers again.

Immersion assembly time! This kind of assembly includes all Teams. As we walked into the hall I saw Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobsen with mics, Mr Somerville had the remote to his drone. When everybody arrived they started to talk. Suddenly a drone makes its way to the stage and two aliens come out to say that they are going to eat one of us. So Mr Sommerville and Mr Jacobsen fight them with swords and saves Pt England School. Pt England School gives a round of applause to them for saving us.

The Item that was the most informative for me was Team 4 because they were very descriptive and told us what the problem is, how we they can fix it and why they choose it, The most entertaining was Team 5 because Mrs Judd used her beautiful voice to sing and the band behind her did a great job as well. I am looking forward to this term because of the new focus and because of the space theme.

Thank you for reading my writing. I hope you liked it. If you can please leave a comment about what you thought about it and what I can do to make it better. By Ajani

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Word Problems

Scratch Game Reflection

In Term 2 the year 7&8 Extension group had a very hard task to complete. We had to make another game. But we had to be in pairs and shooting, enemies and mazes had to be involved.
My group involved myself and my good friend Noah. Our game was called Alien Invasion, I picked the title based on what and who we had in our game.

Starting on the game with very little knowledge on how to make a game. We were very nervous and worried, worried on our marks and worried that we wouldn’t finish it on time. We made aliens, mazes and more. Our goal was to do the best that we could. On week 4 Noah was sick and I was left by myself. I got some done but not a lot. Some days I would work on it at home.

Some areas we were struggling on were making our main sprite shoot and making the aliens disappear when it touches the bullet. Another thing we were stuck on was drawing the sprites. The only easy parts were when we had help from the coding pro, Zoe.
Now we understand more about scratch and how to code.