Friday, 31 March 2017

My Favourite Past Time

Hey you! What is the best pastime for you? I am going to tell you myn and why. My favourite past time is when me and my dad went to vector arena to watch, WWE. Here is why I loved it so much. It was definitely my favourite past time.

When I was 4 years old, I was watching Regular Show but I accidently changed the channel to The Box, Channel 5 and WWE Raw was on and as soon as John Cena’s Theme Song played I got excited and watched the match. John Cena won I was so addicted to WWE and especially John Cena. So that’s when I started to love WWE.The reason why I love WWE so much is because John Cena reminds me of my aunty who passed away fighting cancer. She never gave up against cancer and John Cena never gives up.

The reason why my favourite past time is when I went to Vector Arena to watch WWE. Is because it was a father, son moment and I love my dad very much. He had so much fun. We also bonded a little and a good time to be away from my 4 little sisters and yes I do have a brother but he’s in Waikato for college he earned a scholarship.

So how about you have you decided yet? Tell me in the comments and maybe share some thoughts of my piece of writing. As always, Im Ajani and thank you very much for reading. God Bless. Goodbye

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Role Model Planning

Hi my name is Ajani and this is my Planning for my Role model writing. As you can see
my Role Model is my aunty who passed away from fighting cancer . I have a lot of
reasons of why she is my Role model just check out my post and you will see.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

My Writing Test Results

Today I received my writing test results. The things that I am very proud of is my Ideas, Organisation and my Spelling. The things that I need to work on is my Structure, my Vocab, Sentences and my Punctuation. I am very happy and proud of my results. My family is as well. So tell me in the comment section what do you think about my Writing test. Here is a picture of my results. 

If you are wondering and confused click here to see my Writing Test. Thank you for reading this I really appreciate it.

My Writing Test

What is the most special place in the world for you, and did you know us humans were made from clay? Malo e lelei my name is Ajani and I am going to be telling you what my special place is and why. My favourite place is church. I adore my church because sometimes you could meet The Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

Another reason why my special place is church is because that is where I have been baptized and that is where I ask Jesus for forgiveness. I also go there because it is where I can thank him. Thank him for my family and friends, thank him for my life and for the whole universe. If you are ever in a situation and you don't think you can get out of it, always ask Jesus and The Lord for help. Eventually he will help you.

Have you ever wondered what life will be like without Jesus Christ and God. I think everyone wouldn't be here on earth and I wouldn’t be writing this explanation for you. But that didn’t happen God came down to earth where there was nothing but ground. God had the power to make earth a better place. He made everything such as the grass, us humans, the sky and finally churches, he made churches so we can connect with him and ask him questions or for forgiveness.

God is an amazing being if it wasn’t for him we wouldn’t even be here. Humans wouldn’t even be a thing! The Lord loves everyone even you. So don’t ever think that he doesn’t love you because there is a 100% chance that you would be wrong. If you have made a very bad mistake and you don’t know if anybody will forgive you, that's when you pray and ask Jesus Christ to forgive your sins, I guarantee that he will forgive you.

I love God and he loves me. The Lord is my father and he will always be. But my real dad is my dad his name is Walter. Church is a very very important part of my life I have to admit that I haven't made the best decisions in my life but those mistakes have made me who I am now, I love who I have turned out to be. I am a healthy boy with an awesome family and amazing friends including my marvelous school Pt England. I would like to use this opportunity to say thank you to my family, school, friends and teachers for being the best in the world. He doesn’t love someone more than another to The Lord loves us all equally.

So how about you what’s your special place? As always thank you for reading my writing, im Ajani and have a good day. God bless all of you, goodbye.  

Friday, 24 March 2017


Hi my name is Ajani and thank you for feasting your eyes on my
work. This is my work for T1W7. It is called a Thinkboard
what we have to do is we get a question and we have different ways
to solve it. 

T1W7 Maths

Who is your Role Model?

Hey you! Who is your role model? Kia Ora my name is Ajani, and today I will be telling you who my role model is and why she's my role model. So have you found out who your role model is yet?

My role model is my Aunty who passed away fighting cancer, Priscilla Kelea Tui. The reason why she’s my role model is because she has helped people in Pt England School that didn’t have any lunch, by making sandwiches in her time for the people with no lunch.

Another reason why she is my role model is because she is my dad’s only sibling and she basically raised my dad in Tonga. She raised and helped my dad with school and with English. So that means that he can communicate with me and he can teach other people. I love my Aunty Silla with all of my heart and soul.

Did you know that my sister, Jahzaras middle name is named after Priscilla? For me and my family she won but in logic cancer won. She did not want us to be sad she wanted us to be happy because she is now with the Lord and Savior and God the creator of the universe.

So how about you who is your role model? I hope you enjoyed reading my writing. As always, i’m Ajani, Goodbye. Please leave a good comment below

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R.I.P Priscilla Kelea Tui

Water Crisis in Auckland

Friday, 17 March 2017

The Longest Polyfest Wait Ever!

Have you ever experienced Polyfest? I have, with my school. It was amazing and very fun. I would love to tell you the highlights of the day.

When I got to school. I was told to meet the in the Team 5 space. As soon as we got into the space, we had our daily meeting and started to talk about what our expectations were for behaving. After that we went to the bus and drove to Manakau.

While we were driving we sang a song called We Know The Way. After we sang the song, we arrived at Polyfest 2017. When we got there we sat down on the grass and waited for ages. As soon as my group stood up I was so happy that I didn’t have to sit down anymore.

When we stood up we went to a place called “Pasifika Bond.” It was basically helping us remember who we are and where we come from. I learnt to respect my country, Tonga and Aotearoa. Also to show respect to other cultures.

So if you ever have the chance to go to Polyfest please go, because it is a very fun and amazing event. As always, im Ajani goodbye. Please leave a great comment.

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Friday, 10 March 2017

The Beginning

Visual Mihi

Hi my name is Ajani and thank you for feasting your eyes on my work. As you can see this amazing drawing has been drawn by me, the objective of this is to draw yourself and on the outside draw 4 things that mean a lot to you. My number 1 important thing is Christ I have chosen christ because the lord and saviour love me no matter what and they forgive my sins, and trust me I have a lot. my second is family, my family have raised me very well and I think they put so much effort into raising me because I am the eldest, and the only boy. I love my family and they love me. Third we have culture, culture means a heap to me it helps me remember who I am representing and where I come from. Lucky last is Sport I love to play sport so much that this year I want to play for every team for every sport, and it's addicting as well, it can also give you an excuse for not doing your homework. Thank you for reading my explanation about this drawing.

Dice Game

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Save Water Poster

               Thank you for reading. As
                you can see this is a poster.
                This poster is supoosed to
                stop people who use more
                water than they should. If
                you see someone or if you
                are one please stop. If you
                do please comment down
                below. Thank you

Water Worries

Then and Now, (Family)

Hi my name is Ajani and I have created a unique slide witch is called
"Then and now" it is basically reflecting on how much me and my family
 have changed through out the years. I really hope you enjoy my slide.
 Please leave a great comment