Thursday, 19 November 2015

School Athletics Day Writing (First Paragraph)

On Friday Pt England School had a school athletics day. Miss Muliaumasealii was taking the year 5 boys to the sports. We started of with the relays more than 50 meters each run. Miss Muliaumasealii split us into 4 groups I was in team 4 with Kosini, Leathem, Josh and me. First runner was Kosini the person at the first cone was Leatham at the second cone was Josh, I was the second runner. Miss M said get ready, get set, go. Kosini sprinted like a cheetah and gave the stick to Leatham and Leatham gave the stick to Josh. He sprinted back to Kosini and then Kosini gave it to me and I ran my best and gave the stick to Josh, Josh gave it to Leatham and he gave it to me. I was exhausted but I kept on running until the end. I was in the lead. And then we won the race! First place feels awesome!!!

Ajani Athletics Day Brainstorm 2015 Only

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Christmas Writing

On Christmas 2014 I went to my Grandads house with my family. When we got there we found out that we were having a water fight. I was the wettest. I had a Nerf Water Gun, it was the best gun ever.

While we were having a water fight my dad got a paint bucket and filled it up with water and tipped all of it slowly over the top of my uncle’s head. Everyone was laughing.
After the water fight we had to go inside and open the presents. So we all had a shower and got changed. So first to open my present was me. My Grandad called “and the first presents go to Ajani.” I was the first one.

My present was a PS3, a Trampoline and games for my PS3 like Black ops ghost and WWE 2K15. After we opened our presents we had a big feed. We had Fish and Chips and Mc Donalds. After the feed we had a sleepover at my grandad’s  house. It was the best Christmas Ever. By Ajani Pakalani.

Xmas Brainstorm