Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Ajani Term 4 Movie

Ajani's Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

W.A.L.T Work on an animation and tell the audience what the three main sates of matter is.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thank You letter to Peter and Erin

Dear Peter and Erin,

What a beautiful home you have. I would like to give you guys a humongous thanks. Without you guys that whole thing wouldn't be possible. Things like this we don't take for granted at all. So I am really grateful. We were also very lucky to see Orcas and a whole lot more.

One awesome highlight of this amazing camp was overcoming my fear of heights and thank you for that motivating saying, “Always try.” When I was about to quit I remembered to always try and that really motivated me so thank-you for that. Thanks for all of the equipment we used like kayaks, sailboats and also the glorious weather, I am also thankful for your beautiful cabins they were really comfy and had a beautiful view.

Another highlight was seeing the sea creatures, kiwi, weka, and also wallabies they were all amazing.
It was even more fun because the weather was great. We were very lucky to see 6 Orcas. Our teacher told us how much money people pay to see them, so we were extremely lucky to see them. I was luckier to see them really close up as I was kayaking.

What I learnt from camp is to always try and never give up. I would like to give you guys a big congrats for your 13th year living there, both of you guys are spectacular. Thank you again for that motivational saying that really helped me a lot. Especially when I took part  in abseiling. Thank you guys very much.

Lots of love from the year sixes, the teachers and especially me. I really hope to go back to Kawau Island.

Yours sincerely. From Ajani