Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Monday, 21 December 2015

On Monday, 21 December 2015 at about 1.00 o'clock, me, my sisters, my mum and my Cousins went to the Hamlin Park. Before we went we went off buying drinks and Pizza's."Now it is time to set up for our lunch" said Mum. After our lunch we played ball rush, It was so fun playing with  my cousins and my sisters. I hope this will happen again sometime when we are free.

"Guys Its time to pack up" Yelled my mum, We packed up and went off to the doctors for my twin sisters. They had to go for a shot to make sure they are healthy and alright. We got to the doctors and played at the kids area. While we were playing we saw my dad come in and to take the twins inside the room. 

It was time I wanted to go outside but I couldn't the Pram was standing out side blocking the door. I snatched the glasses off my dad and put it on so that no one could notice that I am crying out tearing out. Me and my cousin was watching them get there shot and there it goes it went right through there thigh and in about 3 5 seconds they start crying.

Now the shot was finish, I was relieved my mum gave my sister to me and I started giving her good cuddles and a kiss. It was time to go home, when we got home I went in the lounge and watched TV.


  1. Hi Ajani, I am pleased to see you posting in the holidays. That is such a good thing to do.
    I can imagine how difficult is was watching your twins get their shots.

    Mrs Burt

  2. Dear Ajani,

    It must have been very difficult to see your sisters in pain but I hope that they are feeling much better now. The shots will, ultimately, help them to grow up to be big and strong but it's still hard to watch them cry, I'm sure.

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    Take care!


  3. Hi Ajani!

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