Friday, 8 August 2014

My Paragraph about dung beetles 1

The dung beetle is important because 7000 species and they make the world less smell. The Ancient Egyptians thought that they were gods. A long time ago the Egyptians worshipped and praised the Dung Beetle, which they called the Scarab Beetle. Ancient Egyptians believed that the Dung Beetles would bury the sun. Let me explain about the phenomenal Dung Beetle.

My Paragraph about dung beetles 2

On earth for over 50 million years, helpful to humans, clean up, people eat lots of animals who produce dung, smelly, increase flies, clear away dung so not over run with flies, made fun of, not disgusting, outstanding service

My Frosty sentence.

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After the massive earthquake, in 2010, Purple Cake Day was started by Emily Sanson Rejouis to raise  money for the kids education in Haiti.

Haiti shook very violently two of Emily’s daughters died by the massive earthquake. The husband died to. One of Emily’s daughter survived Emily was relieved that one daughter survey.By Ajani Wirumu Pakalani

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