Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Ajani Term 4 Movie

Ajani's Movie from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

W.A.L.T Work on an animation and tell the audience what the three main sates of matter is.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Thank You letter to Peter and Erin

Dear Peter and Erin,

What a beautiful home you have. I would like to give you guys a humongous thanks. Without you guys that whole thing wouldn't be possible. Things like this we don't take for granted at all. So I am really grateful. We were also very lucky to see Orcas and a whole lot more.

One awesome highlight of this amazing camp was overcoming my fear of heights and thank you for that motivating saying, “Always try.” When I was about to quit I remembered to always try and that really motivated me so thank-you for that. Thanks for all of the equipment we used like kayaks, sailboats and also the glorious weather, I am also thankful for your beautiful cabins they were really comfy and had a beautiful view.

Another highlight was seeing the sea creatures, kiwi, weka, and also wallabies they were all amazing.
It was even more fun because the weather was great. We were very lucky to see 6 Orcas. Our teacher told us how much money people pay to see them, so we were extremely lucky to see them. I was luckier to see them really close up as I was kayaking.

What I learnt from camp is to always try and never give up. I would like to give you guys a big congrats for your 13th year living there, both of you guys are spectacular. Thank you again for that motivational saying that really helped me a lot. Especially when I took part  in abseiling. Thank you guys very much.

Lots of love from the year sixes, the teachers and especially me. I really hope to go back to Kawau Island.

Yours sincerely. From Ajani

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Writing another narrative

One magnificent day John and Hillary were having a nap. They were orphans. A very mean lady is there caregiver. John and Hillary hated her, her name is Eve she used to always make John and Hillary do everything for her. So one day they planned to run away from her but the problem was they didn't know were to run to.

As they were planning Eve knocked on the door “Hillary, John get over here and massage my feet.” John whispered to Hillary “Pretend to sleep.” After John said that they both lied down on their beds. So Eve said “Open now before I kick it open!” John and Hillary kept their possession and ignored her. Hillary was thinking about the plan to runaway. She remembered her old caregiver and the old caregiver told her a bedtime story Hillary remembered the caregiver said something about a special house that nobody's been to.

She said “It is under maungarei to get there you have to have a special key.” Hillary stopped thinking and remembered that Eve was still about to kick open the door. So she said to John “Come I know were to run to. John was scared but still obeyed Hillary. Then they jumped out the window. As they jumped the door opened by Eve. Eve’s face was red as a tomato because she was really angry. When John saw her he screamed to Hillary “RUN!” Hillary and John ran as fast as a cheetah. As they were running they ran passed a sign that said Mount Wellington Mountain. They ran into that direction and stopped next Mount Wellington.

John said “Now what.” Hillary said “ wait here. Hillary ran to the bench and prayed “Lord O Lord please help us I pray that me and John will find a key to open the secret door.” Furthermore Hillary ran over to John and said “John we need to find a key to open that door.’’ she pointed to the direction of a really old door that looked like a scary door that nobody has the guts to go in there. John said with confusion “What?” Hillary said “Trust me on this one okay.”

John agreed but as they were walking over Hillary saw Eve running with frustration trying to find them. As she was running she saw Hillary and John trying to look for the key. So she ran over and said “What are you doing!” John said “None of your business so go away.” Eve got extra mad and tried to hit John. But John dodged it. As Eve was trying to hit John an old lady came and hit Eve in the face and knocked Eve out. After the lady knocked Eve out she said “Hillary.” Hillary looked at her and said “Anna is that you?” the lady said “You remember me.” It was Hillary’s old caregiver.

Anna said “I have the key.” Hillary was in shock. Anna gave the key to Hillary and said “I have been searching all this time to tell you. I think you should be the first to open the door.” John said “Hey wait a minute who are you?” Hillary said this is Anna she was my old caregiver she actually cared about me. John said “ I wish I had a caregiver that cares about me.” When Hillary opened the door there was a really big room with everything they ever wanted there was also 3 beds.

So Anna decided to be there caregiver in that secret house. John and Hillary agreed and there life became a lot more better.

Writing a narrative

On a rainy day Jack and Michelle went to hunt for food. There mum and dad died from a vicious attack from a tiger. As Jack and Michelle were hunting for food Jack spotted a pig. So he got his spear out and threw it into the pig's stomach. “Nice throw Jack.” Said Michelle Jack decided not to talk to her. Michelle started to get a little angry. “Jack why do you always shut me out when I say something to you.” Jack said nothing. Michelle then got very angry and decided to think of running away. Furthermore they roasted the pig in the fire and ate it.

When they were eating they heard a very loud roar from a tiger. So they ran into there house and hid. While they were hiding they they saw out there window that it was the same tiger that killed their mum and dad. Jack saw the tiger and he was furious he said to Michelle “Stay here i'm going to go deal with this.” Michelle replied “Don't it's going to kill you!” Jack knew it was going to kill him but he was to angry to realize it. So he started to sprint to the tiger but Michelle ran to him and held him back. She said “I’ve already lost mum and dad and i’m not going to lose you.” Then she held him back until the tiger passed. Jack said with anger “Why did you do that!” Michelle said “I saved your life!” So they argued. When they finished arguing Jack went in his room and slammed his door.

Michelle was proud when she held Jack back but when they were arguing she started to regret it. She thought maybe Jack wanted to die oh well I might as well say sorry so she went to his room and he could see that his window was open and Jack was gone. She started to panic. Then she decided to look for him. So she packed all of her weapons and went to find him. After 1 hour of trying to find him she found out where he went she said “He went to the tiger's cave.” So she ran all the way to the tiger's cave and screamed “Jack, Jack where are you” so she went to the tiger’s lair. She couldn't find Jack but she did find the tiger she screamed “HELP!!!” when she was screaming the tiger realized someone was there. So the tiger attempted to attack Michelle but Jack came and punched the tiger in the face after he did that his eyes turned yellow and started to fly.

As he was flying he realized that he could fire lava balls from his hand so he kept on firing lava balls to the tiger until the tiger died but when he died Jack and Michelle realized that the tiger wasn't alone. Then 2 more tigers came out and attacked Jack and he fell to the rocky ground and Michelle started to cry. As she was crying she said “You will pay.” So the power from his mum and dad helped her fight the tigers and all of the tiger’s died so she lifted Jack to their house and when Jack woke up he said “What happened.” Then Michelle said “I saved your life. Again.”

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

My Recount About Usain Bolts life

In dry muddy Jamaica there was a little speedy boy called Usain Bolt. One day Usain was going to be late for school so he ran outside and his mum Jennifer Bolt.

So Usain jumped out of the door and his mum cried “Usain hey wait, wait you forgot your lunch.” Usain Bolted to school. As he was running to school he ended up racing a dog he was as he was running he jumped over a shelf and made the dog bump his head on the side of the shelf. When he was bolting to school he made it 5 seconds before the bell rang. He said “Right on time.”

So time went by and Usain realized that he forgot his lunch so he sat down on the bench sadly. Until he saw a man with steak, meat patties and more he was jealous. So he stared at it and stared at it. Meanwhile the man looked at him and said “Do you want it.” Usain cried “Yes Please.” The man told him that he could have it if he beats his friend in a race.

Usain said “Okay.” so they set up for the race the man was going to count them off. As soon as the man said go Usain sprinted in front of the man but he couldn't keep the lead so he fell back but when he saw the finish line he sprinted as fast as he could and ended up beating him by a second. The man was in shock he said “H…. How” Usain said cheekily “Thank you” and took the man's lunch out of his hands. Usain decided that he wanted to be a sprinter so he worked really hard and made it to the olympics, and was stressing out he was so stressed that he put his shoes on the wrong way and he was worried about his image.

So his mum came in and said “Don't Worry you’ll be find just think lightly okay.” that go Usain back in the mood and came first earning a Gold Medal. By Ajani

My Fiction Story About Kayaking

One sunny, beautiful day the M.A.N.S team went for a kayak. If you don’t know what the M.A.N.S team is you must be living under a rock! It's Mitchell, Ajani, Noah and Simon. Mitchell and Noah are smart and Ajani and Simon are strong because they play rugby. They made up the name from the first letter in their names.

Anyway, one day they met up together at Countdown. Ajani said “Hey do you guys want to come for a kayak?” They said together “Yes Please!!” They were all really desperate because their parents did boring things, especially the television programs they watch. So they went to the basement in Ajani's house and were looking for some kayaks. Ajani screamed “DAD WHERE ARE THE KAYAKS!?” He said “There are some next to the bogey boards. I got them from this weird old man. Beware, there are secret things in these kayaks. There are only 4 kids who can control the secret weapons in this kayak. Only the brains of 2 mentally smart kids and for 2 physically strong kids.” The Dad said “It's crazy talk, don't listen to that.”

As they were looking at the kayaks and the M.A.N.S team were in shock they were huge. It was like there was 2 levels. After that they went for a kayak into the ocean, in about 2 minutes they were getting tired so they stopped and had a rest. As they were resting they went for a sleep. But by the time they woke up they found out that they were stuck in the deep. They were all scared. They all screamed “PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE US. S.O.S.”

So they all went in Simon’s Kayak and saw 4 hand marks. There was one letter on each of them, on two of them the letter was B and on the other two was S. So Mitchell and Noah put their hand on the hand marks on the B because they were the Brains of the crew and Ajani and Simon put there hands on the S’s because the were the Strong people in the crew. So as they put there hands on the hand marks. A secret passageway opened on the floor. Noah and Mitchell went to go check it out. Meanwhile Ajani and Simon saw a humongous Octopus came out of the ocean so they went down to the secret passage and tried to hide. They saw swords and axes so they picked up the swords and fought the octopus furiously. As they were fighting the octopus smacked Ajani in the face with his tentacle and Ajani got so angry that he threw his sword on the floor and his eyes went to the colour of yellow, his body turned silver, around his hands were fire. It was like he was a superhuman. Then he punched the octopus so hard the the octopus fell to the bottom of the ocean.

Then the Police saw them stranded and picked them up on a helicopter. So the Police took them home. When they got to Ajani’s house the dad asked them “What happened?” They said together “You don't want to know.” After that the dad asked them if they wanted a hot chocolate. They all said “Yes Please!!” By Ajani

Friday, 9 September 2016

My Advice For Chris Yoddle

My Explanation For Technology As A P.E.D

I believe that Technology is a P.E.D because it gives the athlete an unfair advantage in the race or in the sport. Technology also changes your movement.

For example the Olympic Blade Runners they give the athlete an unfair advantage and also changes their movement, you don’t exactly know how fast they are with two human legs. Another athlete can train so hard and be the best runner in the world but be beaten by a athlete by using their Blade Runners. This means the Athlete that trained so hard came short on the day because the other Athlete had Blade Runners.

It can also be used as technology because using better technology than  technology everyone else is using might be considered to be an P.E.D. Such as Avanti. Avanti is NZ’s secret bike company who made slimmer and more fashioned bikes than the others and also is supposed to give the cycler who is riding the bike more speed and has more advantage of coming first.

So now that you know what my opinion is what's your opinion tell me in the comment section below. Thank-You for reading my writing. By Ajani

Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Newspaper Article

    1st Image:
2nd Image:

Friday, 12 August 2016

Information about The Olyimpics

We need the Olympics so we can be the best athletes we can be, to challenge ourselves and to be active. Also if we didn’t have the Olympics and the other events like the Commonwealth Games we wouldn’t know who the fastest person in the world is.

Before you attend the event you have to train, for example Train 9.00am until noon, 6 mile run and 45 minute lifting session, well that's what Nick Symmonds does. The Athletes have coaches the coaches jobs are to help the Athletes and push the Athletes to be the best they can be.

The technology has changed so much since back in the old days. For example the shoes the old shoes used to have really sharp spikes on the bottom of them so they would step on their opponents feet to get the upper hand. The swimming togs is another one. In London 2012 the swimmers had suits on to make them faster.

When an Athlete wins gold sometimes they cry because they are proud of what they have accomplished. And if an Athlete loses they cry and that shows how much they wanted to win the gold medal. By Ajani

Bike Poster

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Art Exhibition

                                                         Art Exhibition

In Term 2 the topic is As I See It. As you can see this picture is a photo of our Art gallery we had 8 weeks to complete an drawing of superhero's and a action shot. We even had a Artist and a former Chiefs rugby player come to our school and teach us some lessons. The Art Gallery is at the Pt England School Hall from July 5th to July 6th It starts at 8.00 Am and ends at 7.30 Pm.

Friday, 1 July 2016

NZ Gold Rush Connection

Walt: identify key words and main ideas in and between texts
Walt: understand the author's purpose
Walt: summarise the key ideas of a text in an interesting way. 

Paul Martin Visit

At Pt England in Team 4 our topic is based on art, and for that a rugby player and a artist named Paul Martin came to our space. He has his own business. I thought it was cool because he was a former Prop in the rugby Chiefs.

I think he helped me to draw with more detail and more rugby skills. I was one of the videographers and photographers. He also showed some of our best artists in Team 4 how to draw with more detail and more reality.

He even got to train some of our rugby boys some moves and drills. As the day went on I got told that I had to say thank you to Paul on behalf of Team 4 for coming to our school. I was nervous. But then my friend Noah asked me if I wanted to help him with interviewing Paul Martin. I was pleased to.

So the it came to the time of before lunch. It was time to say the speech. As I stood up I walked up to him and said “On behalf of Team 4 I would like to say thank you for teaching us cool drawing skills, and hopefully at lunch time you can help our rugby boys with rugby.” After I finished he shook my hand.. When I finished we sang a Waiata to finish it off.

Thanks Paul Martin for helping me with my art. Here is the comic art I created after you inspired me.

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Padlet Bok Choy

This is a padlet. This padlet helped us because we got to write words we didnt know and search it up.

Paul Martin

Paul Martin is an illustrator and graphic designer. Paul lives in Hamilton, New Zealand. The inspiration for this book ‘Flight of the Kiwi’, was drawn from his place of residence at the time of writing, France.

My Problem Solving Week 8

Monday, 27 June 2016

My Batman Comic Book Animation

Ajanis Batman Animation from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

This Term Team 4 was learning about Comic Art and Comic Hero's. Our Maths Teacher gave us four superhero's to choose out of and we had to pick one. I picked Batman because he was my favourite out of four of them. Please leave a kind comment

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Real Life Hero

Captain Sullenberger is a real life hero because he saved more than 140 people on a passenger plane. He was trained by professionals and flew with some. Captain Sully had to land the plane in North Carolina

The plane had been bird struck a heap of times. Then the engine broke down. The plane was really high in the air. It was going down fast. Captain had to tell the people that it was going to land in the water. The passengers all thought he was crazy.

He had to land in Hudson River in New York. As he was falling down his mind was figuring out how he had to keep his nose and wings out of the water or the plane will flip over and the plane will crash, and everyone will die.

As he was landing he was thinking I can do this, I can do this. Then next thing you know everyone was saved including the plane. Here are some photos of Captain Sullengberger. If you liked my writing make sure you write a comment
Image result for Captain SullenbergerImage result for Captain Sullenberger

Friday, 10 June 2016

40 Hour Famine

On Friday the 10th of June, I participated in the 40 Hour Famine. The 40 Hour Famine is when you can not eat or drink anything and I mean anything. What we do to help is we raise money to give to Syrian refugees. There was 4 teams Yellow, Red, Green and Blue. I was in the BLUE TEAM!!! Last year I raised $162 dollars, and this year I raised $140. There was also a Contest of dancing or singing. Us the blue team chose to dance. Our song was My Boo and we also made up a chant. If you are reading this you should do it to its really fun and interesting. Here are some photos of the day.

Will He Save Her

One beautiful sunny hot day Peter Parker came back from school. Then he got a call from Mary Jane. So he picked up his phone and answered it and said “Hello.” Mary Jane asked Peter to go to the movie.“Of course i'll come” Peter said nervously. He said that nervously because he had to do his homework for school, his teacher said if he didn't do his homework he would have to be on detention for 2 weeks.

In Spidey's mind there was one side saying “should I go to the movies with her.” But the other side was saying “don’t go you have to do your homework or you'll be on detention for 2 weeks!” He was so frustrated that he flung a web at his Imac, and his Imac broke into millions of little pieces. When he broke his computer Peter heard his aunt May rushing up the stairs in concern. When Aunt May got up the stairs she knocked on Peter’s door and cried “Peter are you okay, I heard something break!” Peter didn't say anything because he was cleaning up every little piece of the Imac. But then he stopped in shock “The Movies!”

So he quickly got changed and ran to Mary Jane’s house. When he got there he knocked on her door and said “MJ you there?” She nervously opened the door, then Peter said “woah you look stunning.”
After that they went in MJ’s car and drove to the movies. As they were driving to the Movies Peter spotted Doctor Octo getting fire from his hand and using it on the gas at the Gas Station. Peter quickly got changed and flung a web at Doctor Octo. Doc quickly dodged it and saw a truck filled with gas and used fire to blow up the truck. As he did it Spidey quickly flung a web after Doc threw his fire at the truck. Just as the truck was going to explode Spidey flung a web at the gas truck which caused it to stop the explosion.

Then Spidey quickly got changed and got back into the car and went to the movies. At the movies Peter saw the Green Goblin robbing the bank. Then Peter got changed and said “Here we go again.”

Avengers Assemble!!!

One Day Captain America went for a run. As he was going for a run he saw a picture of his shield on a billboard and that reminded him to listen to his radio, just in case there’s a crime
going on. So he sprinted home as fast as a cheetah with his arms pumping up and down. When he got home he turned his radio on and chucked it on the shelf there was breaking news Loki brang a group of humans that got mutated into rhinos so he ran there and went face to face with Loki.

Loki went for the first move POW!!! Captain America got punched in the face. His nose was bleeding like a arm when it gets cut. Loki laughed “I don't think you can notice but my army has given me 3 times the strength I had before.” So then he ran up to Captain America and tazed him with his scepter. Captain had no choice but to call Thor. A couple of harsh seconds later Thor came flying with his hammer swinging round and round, that caused him to fly. When Thor got there he called lightning to clear Loki’s army away from him. Then he ran to Loki and hit him with his hammer BANG!!!!.Then Loki went back to his galaxy.

“I saw you needed help there” Thor said. Cap was embarrassed so he went home and used his anger to work out now he was 3 times as strong. What will he do next. To Be Continued.. Make sure that you write a comment down bellow

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Wk 5 prob solving

Hero Discription

Meet The best ninja ever and he go's by the name of snake eye he were's full black suit also where's a mask so he can keep his secret from the people so now he is a super hero because he was the a chosen one
From The guardians and the guardians gave. Snake eye power and the power are flight,super speed,super strength, telekinesis, and there is 2 superpower left it is shape shifting and when he say shazam these random  lightning coming out of nowhere then  he turns into a bulky person and muscular also he is so handsome that nobody can resist it
So Snake eye uses those power to save his city from bad guy by taking over the world.

Harry's War

Friday, 6 May 2016

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Captain America!!! On the 2nd of May Team 4 came in with a KAPOW!  School is back with Marvel and DC stars.

For Term 2 the topic is called “As I See It.” As I See it is based on art and designs. Team 4 is learning to make comic books and comic art.

In Term 2’s Immersion Assembly, Team 4’s item was about created superhero’s with familiar names and a supervillain. Team 4 showed there item which was a movie.

On the movie there was a villain called Bear Baxendine. Bear Baxendine was planning on stealing a chromebook. When he got inside the classroom, he spotted the chromebook cupboard and started picking the lock   with his sword and said “Ah yes Bobby-Jon’s chromebook shall do nicely.” But wait 2 Amatuer Hero’s spotted Bear Baxendine. Then, one of them said “Oh my gosh he has Bobby-Jon’s chromebook!!” So, they went on to fight Bear Baxendine to try and get the chromebook back.

The Amatuer heros were defeated and captured. Bear Baxendine tied them both to a pole. Furthermore one amatuer hero cries “You wont get away with this.” Then Bear Baxendine says “Then who will stop me?” The Teacher Vengers. Meanwhile three heros of the Teacher Vengers show up to get back Bobby-Jon’s chromebook. If you didn't know who the members of the Teacher Vengers are i’ll tell you the names Wondering Woman, Bat Guy and Team Leader America. As they run to defeat Bear Baxendine. Bat Guy runs over to the 2 Amatuer Hero’s and says “I’ll get them you get Bax.” Then Wondering Woman and Team Leader America says together “On it.”
When they were running to defeat Bear Baxendine Team Leader America hit Bear with his shield POW he hit him so hard he was knocked out.

Furthermore Bear Baxendine went to jail. After that one Amatuer Hero said “Wow Bat Guy your muscles.” Later Wondering Woman comes and says “Eh Em.” then they all laugh and they go home and sleep.