Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Writing another narrative

One magnificent day John and Hillary were having a nap. They were orphans. A very mean lady is there caregiver. John and Hillary hated her, her name is Eve she used to always make John and Hillary do everything for her. So one day they planned to run away from her but the problem was they didn't know were to run to.

As they were planning Eve knocked on the door “Hillary, John get over here and massage my feet.” John whispered to Hillary “Pretend to sleep.” After John said that they both lied down on their beds. So Eve said “Open now before I kick it open!” John and Hillary kept their possession and ignored her. Hillary was thinking about the plan to runaway. She remembered her old caregiver and the old caregiver told her a bedtime story Hillary remembered the caregiver said something about a special house that nobody's been to.

She said “It is under maungarei to get there you have to have a special key.” Hillary stopped thinking and remembered that Eve was still about to kick open the door. So she said to John “Come I know were to run to. John was scared but still obeyed Hillary. Then they jumped out the window. As they jumped the door opened by Eve. Eve’s face was red as a tomato because she was really angry. When John saw her he screamed to Hillary “RUN!” Hillary and John ran as fast as a cheetah. As they were running they ran passed a sign that said Mount Wellington Mountain. They ran into that direction and stopped next Mount Wellington.

John said “Now what.” Hillary said “ wait here. Hillary ran to the bench and prayed “Lord O Lord please help us I pray that me and John will find a key to open the secret door.” Furthermore Hillary ran over to John and said “John we need to find a key to open that door.’’ she pointed to the direction of a really old door that looked like a scary door that nobody has the guts to go in there. John said with confusion “What?” Hillary said “Trust me on this one okay.”

John agreed but as they were walking over Hillary saw Eve running with frustration trying to find them. As she was running she saw Hillary and John trying to look for the key. So she ran over and said “What are you doing!” John said “None of your business so go away.” Eve got extra mad and tried to hit John. But John dodged it. As Eve was trying to hit John an old lady came and hit Eve in the face and knocked Eve out. After the lady knocked Eve out she said “Hillary.” Hillary looked at her and said “Anna is that you?” the lady said “You remember me.” It was Hillary’s old caregiver.

Anna said “I have the key.” Hillary was in shock. Anna gave the key to Hillary and said “I have been searching all this time to tell you. I think you should be the first to open the door.” John said “Hey wait a minute who are you?” Hillary said this is Anna she was my old caregiver she actually cared about me. John said “ I wish I had a caregiver that cares about me.” When Hillary opened the door there was a really big room with everything they ever wanted there was also 3 beds.

So Anna decided to be there caregiver in that secret house. John and Hillary agreed and there life became a lot more better.

Writing a narrative

On a rainy day Jack and Michelle went to hunt for food. There mum and dad died from a vicious attack from a tiger. As Jack and Michelle were hunting for food Jack spotted a pig. So he got his spear out and threw it into the pig's stomach. “Nice throw Jack.” Said Michelle Jack decided not to talk to her. Michelle started to get a little angry. “Jack why do you always shut me out when I say something to you.” Jack said nothing. Michelle then got very angry and decided to think of running away. Furthermore they roasted the pig in the fire and ate it.

When they were eating they heard a very loud roar from a tiger. So they ran into there house and hid. While they were hiding they they saw out there window that it was the same tiger that killed their mum and dad. Jack saw the tiger and he was furious he said to Michelle “Stay here i'm going to go deal with this.” Michelle replied “Don't it's going to kill you!” Jack knew it was going to kill him but he was to angry to realize it. So he started to sprint to the tiger but Michelle ran to him and held him back. She said “I’ve already lost mum and dad and i’m not going to lose you.” Then she held him back until the tiger passed. Jack said with anger “Why did you do that!” Michelle said “I saved your life!” So they argued. When they finished arguing Jack went in his room and slammed his door.

Michelle was proud when she held Jack back but when they were arguing she started to regret it. She thought maybe Jack wanted to die oh well I might as well say sorry so she went to his room and he could see that his window was open and Jack was gone. She started to panic. Then she decided to look for him. So she packed all of her weapons and went to find him. After 1 hour of trying to find him she found out where he went she said “He went to the tiger's cave.” So she ran all the way to the tiger's cave and screamed “Jack, Jack where are you” so she went to the tiger’s lair. She couldn't find Jack but she did find the tiger she screamed “HELP!!!” when she was screaming the tiger realized someone was there. So the tiger attempted to attack Michelle but Jack came and punched the tiger in the face after he did that his eyes turned yellow and started to fly.

As he was flying he realized that he could fire lava balls from his hand so he kept on firing lava balls to the tiger until the tiger died but when he died Jack and Michelle realized that the tiger wasn't alone. Then 2 more tigers came out and attacked Jack and he fell to the rocky ground and Michelle started to cry. As she was crying she said “You will pay.” So the power from his mum and dad helped her fight the tigers and all of the tiger’s died so she lifted Jack to their house and when Jack woke up he said “What happened.” Then Michelle said “I saved your life. Again.”