Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Art Exhibition

                                                         Art Exhibition

In Term 2 the topic is As I See It. As you can see this picture is a photo of our Art gallery we had 8 weeks to complete an drawing of superhero's and a action shot. We even had a Artist and a former Chiefs rugby player come to our school and teach us some lessons. The Art Gallery is at the Pt England School Hall from July 5th to July 6th It starts at 8.00 Am and ends at 7.30 Pm.

Friday, 1 July 2016

NZ Gold Rush Connection

Walt: identify key words and main ideas in and between texts
Walt: understand the author's purpose
Walt: summarise the key ideas of a text in an interesting way. 

Paul Martin Visit

At Pt England in Team 4 our topic is based on art, and for that a rugby player and a artist named Paul Martin came to our space. He has his own business. I thought it was cool because he was a former Prop in the rugby Chiefs.

I think he helped me to draw with more detail and more rugby skills. I was one of the videographers and photographers. He also showed some of our best artists in Team 4 how to draw with more detail and more reality.

He even got to train some of our rugby boys some moves and drills. As the day went on I got told that I had to say thank you to Paul on behalf of Team 4 for coming to our school. I was nervous. But then my friend Noah asked me if I wanted to help him with interviewing Paul Martin. I was pleased to.

So the it came to the time of before lunch. It was time to say the speech. As I stood up I walked up to him and said “On behalf of Team 4 I would like to say thank you for teaching us cool drawing skills, and hopefully at lunch time you can help our rugby boys with rugby.” After I finished he shook my hand.. When I finished we sang a Waiata to finish it off.

Thanks Paul Martin for helping me with my art. Here is the comic art I created after you inspired me.