Monday, 3 December 2018

Satire Writing

Dear Donald J Trump,

Before I say anything I just want to say that I hope your microphone gets fixed.
I also want to congratulate you for being the best U.S president there is and ever was.
You are such an amazing president and this is why. One thing that I love about you is
how you cut people off when they try to talk, it’s really respectful!

Dear some kiwis supporters,
I just want to congratulate you for your team's effort against England, Australia and Tonga.
I know you guys didn't get the results that you wanted but I wanted to let you know that you
are still the best Rugby League Team that there ever is and ever was. One of the things I
like about you is when your supporters swear at the oppositions supporters kids it’s really
nice to hear. Another thing I love about your supporters is that you guys like to boo one of
your own captains (Adam Blair), it shows so much loyalty and its really respectful.

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