Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nesian Fusion Performance.

On Friday the 18th of September Nesian Fusion performed at Pt England School for a dress rehearsal, until they performed at Te Oro. They performed in the school hall while we were having Assembly. The whole school was watching Nesian Fusion perform. Rowana & Mele was leading the group, and teaching the group was Ms Muliaumasealii.

When they started performing I could see people in Nesian Fusion holding Ailao sticks. Then I heard Beau Monga King & Queen. When Beau Monga King & Queen finished it was Nyssa Collins singing “ Hey Now” in Samoan & English, when that song finished I heard Brazilian Drum Music. I saw Rowana & Mele in the front they must of been leading the group.

I saw Nesian Fusion spinning the Ailao sticks to the rhythm & really fast. They did cool tricks like spinning the Ailao under their legs and also around their bodies, they even spun the Ailao while they were lying down. I was impressed when they finished their performance. The message was “No To Fear & Never Give Up”

Monday, 21 September 2015

Cross Country Recount

1st Paragraph
On Monday the 7th Teacher’s, Principal’s, Kid’s, Staff, Parents and Family. Had to Challenge Ourselves to keep us Fit on the 7th of September. We had Cross Country.
Cross Country was around the Pt England School field and Pt England School Reserve.

2nd Paragraph
I got Changed in the toilets. After that it felt like there was 100 butterflies in my stomach. When I finished getting changed Mrs Nua Bring us to the field. When we got on the field
Mr Burt told us when he says ready we stand still and when he says set we put one foot back and when he says go he claps the wooden clapper.
3rd Paragraph
When she finished getting us lined up Mr Burt said ready set and clapped the wooden clapper. As I ran I could hear the crowd cheering for me and my friends. When I was running I fell over. I thought it was over but then I rose up like the Sun when it comes up in the morning.
4th Paragraph
I was just crossing the park when Martin zoomed past me I thought I couldn't make it but then I realized I could still sprint I could hear my uncle cheering “Come on Ajani you can do it.” And then I sprinted as fast as I could and then I just passed Martin. I knew in my mind I knew I could do it. I screamed HINE MOANA RULES!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

About my day 3rd September

Today in the morning i realised that there was Cross Country today. I was scared and excited at the same time it felt weird. After that weird feeling one of my sisters were changed into there school uniform the other one was still sleeping, and then my mum came in my room telling us to get up. It was an unusual day today because usually my mum stays in the room because of the babies and my two sisters would be awake changed already and I would be the last one to get changed. Furthermore I went in my mum and dads room and then saw the babies, they were sleeping. After that I did my hair and had breakfast. After breakfast I brushed my teeth and washed my face. When I went to school we found out that Cross Country was cancelled and it is on at Monday.
By The Amazing Ajani

Ajani Trade & Enterprise Dictogloss

What is Trade
Trade is simply swapping for something else. Swapping can be a thing for a thing, you could swap food for food, you can swap a car for a car if the people that are swapping agree. You get the idea, trade is an exchange of things.

What is Enterprise
Enterprise is your own business. It isn't when you join a business, in one way enterprise means a spaceship. In term 3 at pt england our topic Trade and Enterprise.

My Enterprise group

Our leader of Team 4 is Mr Somerville him and some other teachers have decided that we should have groups so we could have money but not real money, so we have to work hard to get money, we also have our own kids bank account.