Tuesday, 13 September 2016

My Recount About Usain Bolts life

In dry muddy Jamaica there was a little speedy boy called Usain Bolt. One day Usain was going to be late for school so he ran outside and his mum Jennifer Bolt.

So Usain jumped out of the door and his mum cried “Usain hey wait, wait you forgot your lunch.” Usain Bolted to school. As he was running to school he ended up racing a dog he was as he was running he jumped over a shelf and made the dog bump his head on the side of the shelf. When he was bolting to school he made it 5 seconds before the bell rang. He said “Right on time.”

So time went by and Usain realized that he forgot his lunch so he sat down on the bench sadly. Until he saw a man with steak, meat patties and more he was jealous. So he stared at it and stared at it. Meanwhile the man looked at him and said “Do you want it.” Usain cried “Yes Please.” The man told him that he could have it if he beats his friend in a race.

Usain said “Okay.” so they set up for the race the man was going to count them off. As soon as the man said go Usain sprinted in front of the man but he couldn't keep the lead so he fell back but when he saw the finish line he sprinted as fast as he could and ended up beating him by a second. The man was in shock he said “H…. How” Usain said cheekily “Thank you” and took the man's lunch out of his hands. Usain decided that he wanted to be a sprinter so he worked really hard and made it to the olympics, and was stressing out he was so stressed that he put his shoes on the wrong way and he was worried about his image.

So his mum came in and said “Don't Worry you’ll be find just think lightly okay.” that go Usain back in the mood and came first earning a Gold Medal. By Ajani

My Fiction Story About Kayaking

One sunny, beautiful day the M.A.N.S team went for a kayak. If you don’t know what the M.A.N.S team is you must be living under a rock! It's Mitchell, Ajani, Noah and Simon. Mitchell and Noah are smart and Ajani and Simon are strong because they play rugby. They made up the name from the first letter in their names.

Anyway, one day they met up together at Countdown. Ajani said “Hey do you guys want to come for a kayak?” They said together “Yes Please!!” They were all really desperate because their parents did boring things, especially the television programs they watch. So they went to the basement in Ajani's house and were looking for some kayaks. Ajani screamed “DAD WHERE ARE THE KAYAKS!?” He said “There are some next to the bogey boards. I got them from this weird old man. Beware, there are secret things in these kayaks. There are only 4 kids who can control the secret weapons in this kayak. Only the brains of 2 mentally smart kids and for 2 physically strong kids.” The Dad said “It's crazy talk, don't listen to that.”

As they were looking at the kayaks and the M.A.N.S team were in shock they were huge. It was like there was 2 levels. After that they went for a kayak into the ocean, in about 2 minutes they were getting tired so they stopped and had a rest. As they were resting they went for a sleep. But by the time they woke up they found out that they were stuck in the deep. They were all scared. They all screamed “PLEASE SOMEONE SAVE US. S.O.S.”

So they all went in Simon’s Kayak and saw 4 hand marks. There was one letter on each of them, on two of them the letter was B and on the other two was S. So Mitchell and Noah put their hand on the hand marks on the B because they were the Brains of the crew and Ajani and Simon put there hands on the S’s because the were the Strong people in the crew. So as they put there hands on the hand marks. A secret passageway opened on the floor. Noah and Mitchell went to go check it out. Meanwhile Ajani and Simon saw a humongous Octopus came out of the ocean so they went down to the secret passage and tried to hide. They saw swords and axes so they picked up the swords and fought the octopus furiously. As they were fighting the octopus smacked Ajani in the face with his tentacle and Ajani got so angry that he threw his sword on the floor and his eyes went to the colour of yellow, his body turned silver, around his hands were fire. It was like he was a superhuman. Then he punched the octopus so hard the the octopus fell to the bottom of the ocean.

Then the Police saw them stranded and picked them up on a helicopter. So the Police took them home. When they got to Ajani’s house the dad asked them “What happened?” They said together “You don't want to know.” After that the dad asked them if they wanted a hot chocolate. They all said “Yes Please!!” By Ajani

Friday, 9 September 2016

My Advice For Chris Yoddle

My Explanation For Technology As A P.E.D

I believe that Technology is a P.E.D because it gives the athlete an unfair advantage in the race or in the sport. Technology also changes your movement.

For example the Olympic Blade Runners they give the athlete an unfair advantage and also changes their movement, you don’t exactly know how fast they are with two human legs. Another athlete can train so hard and be the best runner in the world but be beaten by a athlete by using their Blade Runners. This means the Athlete that trained so hard came short on the day because the other Athlete had Blade Runners.

It can also be used as technology because using better technology than  technology everyone else is using might be considered to be an P.E.D. Such as Avanti. Avanti is NZ’s secret bike company who made slimmer and more fashioned bikes than the others and also is supposed to give the cycler who is riding the bike more speed and has more advantage of coming first.

So now that you know what my opinion is what's your opinion tell me in the comment section below. Thank-You for reading my writing. By Ajani

Thursday, 8 September 2016

My Newspaper Article

    1st Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Justin_Gatlin_London_2012.jpg
2nd Image: http://hoosierstateofmind.com/2016/08/17/lilly-king-shows-strength-appearance-olympics/