Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Holiday Writing About my floundering trip

During the holidays I went floundering with my dad, my poppa and my dads friend (AKA Jonah Lomu's Brother.) We left at 11.30. If you leave really late at night the tie will be out. That only leaves the flounder less space to run. As we were driving to the floundering space I nearly fell asleep in the car.

 Furthermore we got to the floundering spot and in the first 5 minutes or so my dad had already caught 3 and I caught 1. I was really frustrated because most of the time I just heard my dad say "Got one, son come and shine your torch on the flounder so I can put it through the rope." I was so angry at myself because it took so long for me to catch one. After that I had got the hang of finding flounder quick. Then I turned angry to really happy.

At the end I ended up catching 15, my dad caught 37 and my poppa caught 9. Here are some photos of the day.