Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My Holiday Highlights.

During the awesome holiday me and my two little sisters went to my Grandads house. We went to my Grandads because my mum and dad were going to the hospital for my mums baby twins in her abdomen. We stayed there for four days. On Friday me, my sisters and my Grandad watched Fast and Furious 7 at the movies.

It was cool. The only sad part was at the end when Vin Diesel and Paul Walker splits up. After that we went to my cousins birthday at the Manurewa pools. I saved someone from drowning. There was an obstacle course in the water! When I got on it, it was slippery so I started running like a girl and jumped over the bar and raced to the slide.

I thought I was going to make it. But I just slipped by the last second. Everyone was laughing at me. I didn't care at least I tried when I jumped out of the pool and started to eat some big ben pies. It was delicious. And then we went home and slept. When I woke up I picked up Feijoas it was yummy. For Breakfast I had Coco Pops. I love my Grandad he’s cool. Finally we went home. When we got there we watched TV all day.

Screenshot 2015-04-22 at 10.18.40 AM.png