Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Things I know about my dad.

My dad is amazing
His job is working at coca cola
He likes to play sports
His favourite food is Lu
His favourite colour is Blue and Red
His favourite thing to do is Play sports
If my Dad had time, he would spent time with his family
He always says dont hit your sisters
My Dad and I like to play Rugby challenge (or Rugby challenge 2)
He is really good at Playing sport
The best thing about my Dad is his kindfulness
My Dad is special to me because he is my everything     
My Dad is cool as High 5 ghost and Muscle Man
He is as strong as a Bodybuilder
He is as smart as a scientist
I love my Dad because he is the best


  1. hello Ajani i like your writing about you uncle you've spent all of your i can tell because you've done alot good job. From your cousin and friend kruz

  2. Hi Ajani I like your poem about your dad, hope you write more. see you later by