Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Story of Frank and Ajani going to space

A spaceman bravely walks out into the icy milkyway. In the beginning Frank the astronaut jumps on his Little Einstein rocket. And ends up in Jupiter. Lucky Frank brang his best strongest and coolest friend, Ajani. Ajani can do anything, he’s amazing. Frank was the smart one. Together they are invisible. When Ajani and Frank went to jupiter they found.

A alien the alien says “do you know me”. Frank says “no.”  Ajani says “ Are you an ailein.”
“Yes and you are….” “Im Ajani” said the strong man. and the ailein showed Ajani and Frank around the planet. They saw “3sp’s instead of ps3’s. But wait thats not it they also had a lava pool in stead of water pools. “OH MY GOSH” said Frank. “This is so awesome” screamed Ajani.

They both thought that they could live there. But there was one problem. They all had a enemy, the enemy's name were dc universe. Hang on they also had a friend they were called Marvel universe. Furthermore they had dinner, they had spicy kuri. “mmmmmmm, sounds nice” said Frank.

Suddenly the dc universe came and in 10 minutes 5,000 people died, creating a huge riot it was kaos. Blood everywhere it looked like a horror movie. “ahhhhhh” screamed Marvel universe. Making it even worse. Frank tried to help. But sadly died. Ajani was angry as hulk. He looked at Frank. Ajani wanted to make him proud. So he charged at every bad person he could see, picking up about 50 people up at a time.

And Finally the final showdown it was a man that was as big as the sky tower. Ajani was still angry. And there they go wrestling for their life the bad guy dumped him Ajani had a wooden spoon on him and said
“see you later” and then slapped him with the wooden spoon. Ajani came on top

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