Wednesday, 12 August 2015

What I would do if I had a million dollars to spend at Sylvia Park.

If I had a million dollars and I had to spend it at Sylvia Park I would go to EB games to buy Rugby Challenge 3. I would buy Rugby Challenge 3 because I really enjoy playing Rugby and I can learn from the game. Also I can bond with my dad because I have Rugby Challenge 1 and Rugby Challenge 2, my dad loves Rugby Challenge.

My second choice is Hoyts Cinemas because I would really like to watch The Minions Movies and I can take my family with me too. My 2 sisters think that the minions are hilarious I do to. I also think that the minions are funny too.

My third and last store and thing I would want is, the store would be Kathmandu. I have picked this store because they have a thing that nearly everyone needs in winter is a really warm jacket. I have picked this item because everyday in the weekend I am freezing cold.

Buying these items make me really happy because I love games, Rugby, Movies and really warm jackets. If I bought all of this for my family I think they would be happy and confused because it's only me and my dad in my family that likes to play games and my mum and my two sisters hate playing games.

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