Thursday, 19 November 2015

School Athletics Day Writing (First Paragraph)

On Friday Pt England School had a school athletics day. Miss Muliaumasealii was taking the year 5 boys to the sports. We started of with the relays more than 50 meters each run. Miss Muliaumasealii split us into 4 groups I was in team 4 with Kosini, Leathem, Josh and me. First runner was Kosini the person at the first cone was Leatham at the second cone was Josh, I was the second runner. Miss M said get ready, get set, go. Kosini sprinted like a cheetah and gave the stick to Leatham and Leatham gave the stick to Josh. He sprinted back to Kosini and then Kosini gave it to me and I ran my best and gave the stick to Josh, Josh gave it to Leatham and he gave it to me. I was exhausted but I kept on running until the end. I was in the lead. And then we won the race! First place feels awesome!!!

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