Friday, 26 February 2016

Duffy Theater

On the 9th of February there was a duffy show. A duffy show is a show that is mostly about reading but it’s has some adventure inside the story as well. It started with Duffy. He loves reading. So it’s bed time and he can’t go to sleep because his new neighbour was playing music. So his mum went over to the neighbour’s house and the mum said “Excuse Me can you the music down.’’ but the neighbor said “oh no need to turn the music down.” Duffy said “but it’s my bedtime and I’m trying to read a cool book called Doctor Who goes back in time”
So as the show went on. We found out that the neighbor's name was Rose and she couldn't read but then Duffy had a idea to go back in time and make Rose go to school and he did. So the show was over. Then we went back to class and got back to work

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