Wednesday, 5 April 2017

My Favourite Sport

Hi there! What is your favourite sport and why? My name is Ajani and I am going to tell you why Rugby Union is my favourite sport. I love Rugby Union and I have played it since I was 5 years old.

My dad encourages me very much and wishes the best for me. He was very good at rugby himself. So I was lucky to have a parent who knows how to play the sport that you love. He played heaps of sports and he played for New Zealand and Tonga for Tag, Rugby Union, Touch and Rugby League. He also holds the record for 100m sprint at Tamaki College, 10.17s.

My goal of life is mainly to be successful and have no trouble with money so I will have enough money to feed my whole family. Another is to make it into any of the super rugby teams but mostly the Hurricanes, The All Blacks and The Warriors (So I can try to help them.) Rugby is by far the most fun and most satisfying sport I have ever played.

I love rugby because it is very entertaining and challenging. I am currently playing for The Varsity Rugby Club in Glen Innes. We were a very good team last year. I was very lucky to have those kind of team mates, they were like brothers to me. Varsity has helped me improve in the years, I started playing for varsity when I was 8. Now I am 11. So I have been playing for Varsity for 4 years.

So have you decided yet? Please tell me in the comments, or tell me what you think about my writing. I really hoped that you liked my writing. As always im Ajani thank you for reading my writing. God Bless, Goodbye

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