Wednesday, 27 September 2017

P.E.S Floundering

Yum Yum, Flounder! Today a few of our students from Pt England School caught Flounder, but sadly was not caught to be eaten. We caught them to farm in partnership with Kauri Flats School
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As the bell went in the morning and everybody sprinting to class it was time... Time to go down Riverside Ave to see if our frag net had caught any Flounder. While in partnership with Kauri Flats School currently with 4 Flounders we tried to beat that score.

While we walked down, students from Pt England School whispering to each other "I hope we beat the score of 4." As us seniors walk towards our meeting spot we hear the juniors singing waiatas and praying that we would catch them, and help them to grow. After that we leave.

When we leave with still no idea of how much flounder we have caught we have hope and faith that we will catch more than 4 so we prayed and prayed and prayed. This was one of the most nervracking moments of P.E.S History. That's It we still have no knowledge of how much we've caught.  DUN DUN DUN!

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