Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Ajani's year 5 and 6 camp recount

One morning I woke up and I realized. That day was the first  day of…… CAMP!!!! I got changed into mufty for camp. The whole year fives and sixes camped on the Pt England’s field. As I woke up I ran to my mum and yelled “TODAY IS CAMP!!!.” Mum said “ are you going to miss your sisters?” I had a little think and said “ Yup the most thing that I will miss is their massages” mum laughed. We had the ultimate Breakfast. We had scrambled eggs, toast, Baked beans and Spaghetti. I went to camp to get out of my of my house.

After that we drove to school and I heard the first bell I ran to the hall. Mr Burt had a Korero with us. After that we officially started the year fives and sixes camp. We walked down to the field and started to begin the activities of camp. My group was called the True Crew. Our first activity was Killer Zone. First True Crew sprinted all over the field rolled the board one by one and before we knew it we were finished.

So we furiously crawled all under the blue tunnel and threw the tennis balls. We had to throw the balls to the mat if you get it on the mat you get two points. Furthermore we ran to the flag and screamed our chant. But the other team was still crawling under the blue. So we walked to the big tent.I had a little sleep and then we found out who we were sleeping with I was sleeping with Kyron our tent was so messy that one night I was wearing his clothes.

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