Thursday, 23 July 2015

My Holiday.

In the Holiday. On Saturday I had my rugby game. I went to my game with my dad my sister and my 13 year old greedy cousin. We played on the muddy green grass at my rugby club. In my team there is an annoying selfish boy called Sam.

After the rugby game me and my family went home. When we got home me and my cousin started to play on the PS3. We were playing Modern Warfare in my room. It was Chaos. After we finished playing the game we had lunch. We had chop suey. It was nice.

And then we went to the shop to buy some milk and maple syrup for our breakfast for tomorrow. When we got back me and my cousin we had a tiny sleep. Suddenly we felt a
thud. It was freaky. When we felt it a couple minutes later my dad came and just said people were fixing the roof because it was broken. Carrying on me and my family had dinner and went to sleep at ten o'clock.

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