Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Nesian Fusion Performance.

On Friday the 18th of September Nesian Fusion performed at Pt England School for a dress rehearsal, until they performed at Te Oro. They performed in the school hall while we were having Assembly. The whole school was watching Nesian Fusion perform. Rowana & Mele was leading the group, and teaching the group was Ms Muliaumasealii.

When they started performing I could see people in Nesian Fusion holding Ailao sticks. Then I heard Beau Monga King & Queen. When Beau Monga King & Queen finished it was Nyssa Collins singing “ Hey Now” in Samoan & English, when that song finished I heard Brazilian Drum Music. I saw Rowana & Mele in the front they must of been leading the group.

I saw Nesian Fusion spinning the Ailao sticks to the rhythm & really fast. They did cool tricks like spinning the Ailao under their legs and also around their bodies, they even spun the Ailao while they were lying down. I was impressed when they finished their performance. The message was “No To Fear & Never Give Up”

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