Friday, 12 May 2017

What I think Pt England Needs

To have more security  
Most people around G.I know that Pt England has been broken into several times. To fix this problem we need to have more security alarms, sensors, cameras and security guards to have at the school 24/7. We need to talk to the police about this problem and to ask them for sensors which inform them from Pt England School to the Glen Innes Police Station. We need the cameras to give us more information about the thieves so we can catch them, also we need the alarms to inform others about Pt England School getting robbed and will hopefully they’ll help out. This way we will have more information and more chance of catching these thieves. By Ajani

If you are wondering why I have posted this post then listen up. Some of you know that our new topic for Term 2 is Now That's Thinking. This topic is based on technology and how much it has changed and how much easier it makes our lives. Team 5 (The Year 7&8's) are trying to find out what Pt England School needs to have. Thank you for reading my post. Please leave a comment of what your'e opinion is on this post.

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