Friday, 12 January 2018

Yesterday's Training for the Biggest Loser

As you know from my last blog post that the Pakalani and Tui family will be attempting the Biggest Loser Challenge, the Pakalani family train every day together and challenges themselves to do their very best in all of the exercises they do. If we don't train until 7.00pm we train in the Garage, where my dad and I run the boxing station and rotate the second station is running up and down the street until it's time to rotate. If before 7.00pm we watch and follow a cardio session on youtube.

Yesterday at 6.00pm the Pakalani family watched and followed the 30 minute cardio session video. As we started the warmup I told myself that I have to go hard the whole session and I have to push myself to the limit. After the warmup, we did 1 burpee and instead of jumping up we did high knees for 5 seconds we did this exercise for 1 minute. 

It's 15 minutes in, I 'm really starting to feel a stitch about to pop up but I still push to the best of my ability. As the 15th minute finishes up we finally get a break, and I'm exhausted I hardly can breathe and I'm still telling myself to push. As the break finishes the fitness instructor tells us to sprint on the spot. When we sprint on the spot I feel like stopping but my mind told me to run faster, so I do. I run the hardest i've ever run in a long time. With the sweat dripping on to the carpet I start to run faster, and faster and the times up. 

When the workout session finishes we stretch for 5-10 minutes. As the stretch session finishes, we all lie down and congratulate each other for the great cardio session that we had. In the last blog post, I told you that I weighed in at 62.5. Right now I weigh 59.2. I am extremely proud of me and my family for the weight loss over a couple of weeks. Thank you for reading my blog post and hope that you enjoyed it.  Leave a positive comment on how you think me and my family are doing and maybe some tips for weight loss quicker.

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