Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Pakalani & Tui's Biggest Loser Challenge

On the 1st of January, the Pakalani and Tui family met at my nana's house. To celebrate a New Year, to celebrate the Birthday of my twin cousins and to set a new goal. The both of the Pakalani and Tui family will be participating in the Biggest Loser Challenge, The adults will face each other and so will the kids under 15 years of age. As most of you know I am under 15 and will be participating in the Kids Pool. If you didn't know what the Biggest Loser Challenge is, it's a challenge to see who loses the most weight in a certain amount of time. The Winner of the Adults Pool will win $100 and the winner of the Kids Pool win $50.

As I woke up, I heard my mum call me from her room to my room, "Son get ready and come down!" Straight away I knew what I was getting ready for. The Biggest Feed and The Biggest Loser. When we arrived at my nana's house we all said "Happy New Year" to each other. As I walked through the garage door I see my twin cousins, so I ran over to them and whispered "Happy Birthday and Happy New Year." After I whispered to my cousins I sniffed and smelt the last BBQ I'll have in a long time, because of the diet me and my families will be on.

After we mucked around for a little, the food was finally ready. I was glad and gutted because I was starving and because that's the last unhealthy food I'll have in a long time. I ate as much as I could. After the feed, we relaxed and reflected on the up's and downs of 2017. As we were talking they called us one by one to weigh ourself's.

I weighed last and was weighed in at 62.5, my aim is to get under 55.1 by the end of April to get myself healthy I have to start eating healthier and to start to be more active, fitness wise and home wise. I need to make the weight of The Varsity Rugby u13 Team. My family and I will be training hard and will be supporting one another as the Biggest Loser Challenge goes on. Thank You for reading my blog post. Leave a positive comment down below. Maybe advice to lose weight faster.

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